About Us

ITEM Medical Technologies Group was founded in 1990 in Ankara by an innovative and tech-savvy team to introduce the newest medical technologies in Turkish Market simultanously with other markets.

At those times, healthcare services and advanced technologies were not easily available and reachable as they are today. Based on this idea, we moved along and we have been focused intensively on the medical devices that have been manufactured with advanced technologies.

As minimally invasive methods have been integrated with advanced technologies with those new techniques and have been so popular, we strived and have been striving for the availability and reachability of the world class technologies in our country with ever increasing desire. Our main mission have always been both to provide the patient safety and comfort, and to help physicians to help their patients while diagnosing and treating their patients with the highest available standards.

We have been providing sales and after sales services all over Turkey with our experienced team and with our offices located in İstanbul and Ankara. We aim to generalize the use of advanced technologies in healthcare centers in our country and support our users with clinical trainings and applications.

We have been serving in Turkish market with an innovative state of mind and approach in the areas of Gynecology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and General Surgery as the Exclusive Distrubutors of major US and European Manufacturers. Meanwhile, additionally, we also serve as the Exclusive Distributor in 25 different countries in Middle East, North Africa and Caucasian Regions.


President, CEO

Bsc, International Relations. METU