FMsealer™ Vessel Sealing Instrument Used in First Surgical Procedure

7 November 2016

prod-fm3001FMsealer Open Shears successfully used in surgery by Dr. Robert Glasgow at the University of Utah Hospital during a transhiatal esophagogastrectomy for esophageal cancer

SALT LAKE CITY (January 19, 2016) – Domain Surgical, a leading manufacturer of advanced thermal surgical instruments, announced today that its FMsealer Open Shears vessel sealing device was successfully used for the first time in surgery on a human patient.

The FMsealer Open Shears is the newest component of the medical design award-winning FMX Ferromagnetic Surgical System. The FMX System brings safer, more precise advanced energy technology to many of the most critical and challenging surgical procedures. The FMsealer is an intelligent, multifunctional thermal vessel sealing instrument that precisely and reliably seals and divides vascularized tissue, blood vessels, and lymphatics in open surgical procedures with less collateral thermal damage than competitive devices.

Robert E. Glasgow, M.D., FACS used the FMsealer during a transhiatal esophagogastrectomy at the University of Utah Hospital. Dr. Glasgow is Professor, Vice Chairman of Clinical Operations and Quality, and Chief Value Officer for the Department of Surgery at the University of Utah. Dr. Glasgow, along with his colleagues and resources at the University of Utah, collaborated with Domain Surgical during the product development and validation of the clinical effectiveness of the FMsealer, leading to FDA clearance.

“The FMsealer exceeded my expectations for clinical performance in this complex operation,” stated Dr. Glasgow. “As compared to ultrasonic and bipolar-based devices, it was highly efficient. It was highly reliable. It was ergonomically superior. As seen in the validation studies, there was less heat transfer and less thermal damage to adjacent tissue. The FMX technology allows the surgeon to conduct an entire operation using one energy platform. The plug and play capability allowed me to switch easily between the FMwand, which is the ideal device for fine hemostatic dissection within tissue planes, and the FMsealer, which proved highly effective in sealing vascularized tissue.”

“Dr. Glasgow played a vital role in the clinical development and validation of the FMsealer Open Shears, and it was appropriate that he perform the first human surgery using the instrument,” stated David McNally, President and CEO of Domain Surgical. “The launch of the FMsealer Open Shears represents the culmination of several years of collaborative work with surgeons at the University of Utah and The Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative (USTAR). The FMsealer, along with the currently available FMwand dissection instrument, represent an entire surgical platform based on ferromagnetic technology.”

Over the next few weeks, the FMsealer Open Shears will be used in a variety of surgical procedures at many leading medical facilities across the United States. The FMsealer is also expected to be available for use in select countries in Europe in the coming months. A video of the procedure performed with the FMsealer can be viewed at

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