Henke-Sass, Wolf has a large range of high-quality endoscopes with brilliant optical properties – so you quickly get the optimal endoscope for:

  • Arthroscopy
  • Laparoscopy
  • Gynecology
  • Ent
  • Urology
  • Camera

HSW endoscopes offer brilliant optical quality and exceptional image brightness for optimum results:

➢ High-quality, multicoated (anti-reflective) optical system.
➢ Outstanding optical transmission
➢ Highly refractive glass for optimum colour rendering even under magnification
➢ Exceptionally precise centring of the optical and mechanical brilliant, high-contrast image even around the edges
➢ Powerful optical fibers.
➢ High-quality glass cones to optimize the light input
➢ Sealing of the optical system without using adhesive or elastomers but through laser welding and a special HSW soldering process
➢ Use of high-quality stainless steel
➢ Sapphires at the distal and proximal end
➢ Triple-tube design for high bending resistance with many endoscopes
➢ Nitrogen-filled optical system to avoid interior fogging


Urological endoscopy has been especially important in modern urology for a long time now. For the examination and treatment of diseases, Henke-Sass, Wolf supplies high-quality and durable rigid endoscopes with high resolution which can be introduced via natural orifices such as the urethra and make the inside of the body visible. Depending on the method of treatment, cystoscopes with different viewing directions are used.


• HD 2.7 mm Cystoscopes
• 4.0 mm Cystoscopes



Laparoscopes from Henke-Sass, Wolf are used in minimal-invasive surgery and were specially developed for this sector. Illumination of the operating area and its imaging with regard to detail recognition and natural color rendering are crucial where safe diagnostics and surgical intervention are concerned. With their different viewing directions, diameters, lengths and compatibility with common medical instruments and camera systems, the laparoscopes can be used for virtually all types of diagnostic and operative intervention in laparoscopy.
In addition to excellent autoclave reliability, laparoscopes from Henke-Sass, Wolf are mainly charac-terized by their brilliant optical properties and exceptional image brightness. In conjunction with HD camera systems, this results in high resolution and clear images with a high degree of detail.
Henke-Sass, Wolf laparoscopes are available in three versions. In addition to the HD version, there are also the laparoscopes in the version. 10 mm laparoscopes are now also available in the third and latest version .

logo_hd2.9 mm Pediatric Laparoscopes
• HD 5.0 mm Laparoscopes
• HD 5.5 mm Laparoscopes
• 5.5 mm Laparoscopes
• 5.5 mm Bariatric Laparoscopes
• HD 10.0 mm Laparoscopes
• HD 10.0 mm Bariatric Laparoscopes
• 10.0 mm Laparoscopes
• 10.0 mm Laparoscopes
• HD 10.0 mm Operating Laparoscopes
• HD 11.0 mm Operating Laparoscopes


In gynecology, an increasing number of diagnostic and therapeutic operations are taking place hysteroscopically. For the optimal implementation of these operations, Henke-Sass, Wolf offers high-quality HD hysteroscopes with different viewing direc-tions and diameters, especially impressive for their optimum illumination, resolution and contrast.

• HD 2,7 mm Hysteroscopes
• 2,9 mm Hysteroscopes
• 4,0 mm Hysteroscopes
• Shaft systems for Hysteroscopes

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