Iron Intern® is a steady retractor, enabling you to position the retractor to your exact requirements. Iron Intern® Retractor Holder is made from 100% Swiss stainless steel.
3/D Swinger-Operating table clamp
Rail clamp with self-adjusting adaptability to fit virtually every operating table. 3/D Swinger permits complete versatility of angling at the site of fixation to the operating table. The 3/D Swinger permits it to be tilted to any position the surgeon requires. With the Iron Intern®, a simple ad-justment of the 3/D Swinger permits rotation of the long arm up to 180 degrees.

The Vertical Pole
• The Vertical Pole allows you to adjust the length of the main support of the articulating mechanical arm by locking it at your required position and tightening the 3/D Swinger on the rail.

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