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FMX™ Ferromagnetic Surgical System

The FMX Ferromagnetic Surgical System is an intelligent surgical platform that uses ferromagnetic technology to precisely cut, coagulate, and seal tissue; with a fraction of tissue injury compared to other surgical technologies, and without passing electrical current through the patient. The FMX system is used in numerous surgical sub-specialties including cardiothoracic, head & neck, surgical oncology, and more.

FMX Surgical Instruments and System Components



FMwand® Ferromagnetic Dissector

FMwand is a thermal dissection instrument that precisely cuts and coagulates with less tissue injury compared to traditional technologies, without passing electrical current through the patient.

FMsealer™ Ferromagnetic Vessel Sealers

FMsealer Vessel Sealing Shears provide surgeons with quick dissection, precise control of thermal effect, and reliable sealing of lymphatics and vessels up to 7mm in diameter in both open and laparoscopic procedures.

FMX Generator

The FMX Generator intelligently delivers electrical energy to the surgical instruments. The generator features a patented software control algorithm that continuously monitors and adjusts the delivery of energy, ensuring that the optimal amount of heat is delivered to the tissue at all times. The large touchscreen display provides the entire surgical team immediate feedback on power setting levels, and changing settings is as easy as touching the display.

FMX Generator Technical Specifications

Operating Environment Conditions Temp: 10° to 30° C (50° to 86° F)
Humidity: 15% to 85% Non-condensing
Storage Conditions Temp: -20° to 65° C (-4° to 149° F)
Humidity: 15% to 85% Non-condensing
Shipping Conditions Temp: -20° to 65° C (-4° to 149° F)
Humidity: 15% to 85% Non-condensing
Moisture Protection Generator: IPX1
Foot Pedal: IPX7 minimum
Generator Dimensions 14″ x 4″ x 12″
35.6 cm x 10.2 cm x 30.5 cm
Generator Weight Approximately 20 lbs. (9 kg)
Power Requirements Voltage: 110/220/230 Vac
Current: 4/2A rms max
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Power Output 60W Max
Fuses For 110V: T 5A L 250V
For 220V/230V: T 2.5A L 250V
Operating Frequency 40.68 MHz
Mode of Operation Intermittent Operation
10 sec. ON, 30 sec. OFF
Protection Class Class I
Output Type Type CF

FMX Generator Directions for Use
FMX Quick Reference Card


FMX Power Modules

FMX Power Modules connect FMX surgical instruments to the generator and intelligently manage communication between each component within the system. FMX Power Modules are available in both reusable and single-use disposable configurations. The FMX Reusable Power Module (left) can be autoclave resterilized for use in up to 100 procedures, providing a cost-effective option for the hospital. The FMX Disposable Power Module (right) is single-use only and is discarded following each surgical procedure.

FMX Reusable Power Module (RPM) Directions for Use

Where FMX Technology is Used

The FMX system has been successfully used in thousands of procedures across numerous surgical sub-specialties including cardiothoracic, head & neck, surgical oncology, and more.

Transhiatal Esophagogastrectomy Using FMX Instruments – Domain Surgical’s FMwand and FMsealer surgical instruments are used to perform a transhiatal esophagogastrectomy. Surgery performed by Dr. Robert Glasgow.

Redo Cardiothoracic Dissection Using the FMwand – Domain Surgical’s FMwand used to perform complex dissection during redo cardiothoracic procedures in a pediatric patient. Surgery and narration performed by Dr. Richard Gates.

Radical Prostatectomy Using the FMwand – Domain Surgical’s FMwand used to perform a radical nerve sparing prostatectomy. Surgery is performed and narrated by Dr. Ioannis Goumas.

How Ferromagnetic Surgical Technology Works

domain5The active surface of each FMX surgical instrument is plated with a thin ferromagnetic coating. When the instrument is activated, the FMX generator passes high frequency electrical energy through the ferromagnetic coating and back to the generator, creating a rapidly alternating magnetic field within the coating. domain6The coating instantly reacts to the alternating magnetic field, producing uniform heat throughout the coated area. When in contact with tissue, this uniform heat precisely cuts, coagulates, and seals with minimal collateral thermal injury. When deactivated, the coating cools quickly. domain7FMX surgical instruments are electrically silent; meaning that the electrical energy delivered to each instrument returns to ground through the generator and does not pass through the tissue.


Because heat is generated only in the area plated with the ferromagnetic coating, FMX surgical instruments activate instantly and cool down in seconds. FMX technology provides extremely precise and predictable control of thermal effect and reduces thermal injury to deeper tissue and surrounding structures; while eliminating the passage of potentially dangerous electrical current through the patient.